You can probably do most of your home automation yourself!  And we encourage that!

Just reach out to us [here] and we will send you our recommendations and instructions guide on how to purchase and install the commercially-available hardware and software to achieve your home automation goals.

For a small Consultation Fee, we will also visit you at your home and help you to draw up your home automation plan.  

Just imagine the security of having your outdoor lights turn on automatically at sunset and recording video of any visitors to your door.  The peace of mind to know that your loved ones are safe*, doors are locked, garage door is shut and security alarm is set each and every night - without having to think about it!  Not to mention the cost savings as your thermostat adjusts the comfort level in your home to your schedule.

Home Automation can do all of this and so much more!

* Ask us about "Smart Care" options and how you can stay connected to your loved ones.


If you prefer, once we have a plan in place then we can just take care of all of this for you and show you how to automate your new Smart Home.  Consulting Fees may be applied to Installation Projects.

Cost and time required for each job varies by complexity.  We can either help you put together a shopping list and you can purchase the required items yourself, or we can supply the items for you.

Immediate Recommendations

We urge you to update your thermostat if you have not already done so.  This would be an excellent first step.  We recommend you take advantage of ComEd's [Home Energy Assessment Program]

Schedule them to visit your home and they will replace ALL of your light bulbs with cost-effective LED's and more.  You will be offered a discounted rate (currently $150) for an ecobee4 smart thermostat, and they will install that for you during the assessment.

Please schedule a call or appointment today,
so that we can discuss your specific needs in further detail.